Madonoie, a Muji pre-fab House

Madonoie_more_with_less_06Muji is a recognized retail shop from Japan that from some years now have done some work in the architectural field, but in the direction of massive consume. Madonoie, is one of the tree houses created as an answer to the construction problem in Japan, where building houses is a very expensive and evanescent business because of the lasting time of a house (36 years). 
Madonoie is a pre fabricated house designed in 2008 by Kengo Kuma, it is affordable and flexible in comparison with the architectural market. What makes Madonoie interesting is the window game the customer can play.
You can arange as you wish the number and places of the windows from the facade and from the interior walls, wich is intending to create a conection not only with the exterior but also with the interior rooms, it allows you to choose the view.

What makes Madonoie interesting is the window game the customer can play.

Madonoie_more_with_less_08Personally I find Madonoie an aesthetic project that follows visual minimalistic standarts, and forgets values of function. not to mention the forgotten social approach. It is a simple reaction to the massive consumption of goods.
Madonoie_more_with_less_07Madonoie_more_with_less_09Madonoie_more_with_less_02Madonoie_more_with_less_03Madonoie_more_with_less_10Photos retrieved from Muji