Magnet, a chair that it’s mounted in a few seconds

magnet_07Magnet is a project of Arnaud Gauthier, a young French designer. This chair emphasize for it system of assembly that offers a facility and rapidly, and the same time security thanks to its magnetic unions.


Magnet, a practical chair that it’s mounted with magnets.


A chair that is builded from three crossbar that are united magnetically to the two profiles of it, obtaining the structure of the chair, where the metallic plane plate is assembled, on the magnet of the back till it fits with the last crossbar of the seat, where are the other magnets that fixes the plate. When this is fixed, it folds acquiring an optimal curve for the correct body position.


The curve of the metal is ruled by the sloping form of the profiles of the back.


The finishes of Magnet is very simple thanks to the precision of the details. Each magnets are inside of the wood, so they don’t stand out from the rest of the structure, making them practically invisibles.


The humility of it forms, make it more attractive, so it surprise us with it invisibles unions, it fast assembly and the beautiful relation of the cold plate of metal with the wood. A chair of wood with a traditional aspect that related with the industrial aspect of the metal, but with an elegant finish thanks to the finesse of the metal and it brilliant aspect with the warmth touch and resistance of the wood, make an armory that it is accentuated for it simplicity.


Arnaud Gauthier, emphasizes it surprise because it is not usual to use magnets on a design, but they are really practical and facilitate the user’s life. Magnet achieves to be a practical design, simple, visual, and easy to transport for it easy assembly and disassembly.