Mai Peishan develops a new storage concept

A storage collection developed by the young designer Mai Peishan. And with the collaboration of Dongguan GAFA Cultures & Creativity Institute an organization dedicated to cultural and creative industries in Guangdong province, China. And it is co-founded by the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and the government of Dongguan Township.




Its products for storage: Storage Box Series and Tray Saving Pot, have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award 2017. For its development in a new concept of design for the habitat.


Mai Peishan has developed a new storage concept for small products of our day to day.




Both products have a container in its lower part, and a lid with tray function in its upper part. This tray has a hole to deposit coins inside.




The collection works as a coin bank and a tray to store small items that we carry in our day to day as: keys, mobile, headphones, etc.. The tray at the top of the container allows users to place small items for easy access. In this way the user can organize their belongings and know at all times where they are. On the other hand, in the inner container the user can store the coins that he normally deposits in his pants or purse. In this way the designer Mai Peishan helps us store these small coins that we transport from one place to another.




Its curved forms along with the use of a color palette that combines pastel shades and warm tones. They create a very attractive product visually and allows that besides being a very functional object also have a strong decorative character. In this way, it becomes a very versatile product that can adapt to different habitat styles.