Maison JJ & amp; S.M, a piece of wood in the landscape

atelier-mima-maison-JJS.M-more-with-less-10atelier-mima-maison-JJS.M-more-with-less-01This isolated house designed by atelier mima, based in Nantes, is built on the sloping land of northwestern France.

Offering panoramic views through the forest floor, the house, titled ‘maison JJ & S.M’, blends in with the adjacent landscape, adopting a low profile.

From the outside, it is a relationship with the clear and discreet landscape, a piece of wood that mixes with the surrounding tones.

From the inside, the Maison JJ & S.M, is a beauty of assemblies, plans, frames and noble materials that decompose the space to create a prism of the relationship with the multiple and surprising environment.atelier-mima-maison-JJS.M-more-with-less-06

The house is lined with vertically aligned wooden panels, a repeated pattern that echoes the trunks of the surrounding trees. Windows and other openings have been carefully placed to ensure privacy, while offering as much natural light as possible.

The plant offers different design possibilities, around a high level and a low living space, connected to a large balcony terrace. Thus, the house is divided into two main areas: a communal living room with kitchen and dining facilities, and an elevated area containing the private bedrooms of the property.

The open-plan volume includes a living room arranged around a fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows that allow the space to extend to the large outdoor terrace. In the warmer months, this terrace encourages outdoor living , since it serves as an ideal setting for dining outside.

Surrounded by a large storage unit, a small staircase leads to the most isolated areas of the house where two large bedrooms share a bathroom located in the center. When one of the bedrooms is not in use, the two volumes can be connected, which guarantees more natural light and ventilation. A limited palette of materials has been chosen, which allows the shape and astute configuration of the building to have priority.

A long and thin stay develops up to the west gable, deconstructed in its angles to observe, at the same sight, the Vilaine that is wrapped around the ground: to the south through a long bay of 10 m, and to the north through from a panoramic dock on a wooden and concrete bench, both storage and support of a wood-burning stove.

Photography: atelier mima