Maison Simon, return to the place of origin

Maison Simon is the home of a retired teacher who decides to return to the town where he began his career and settle permanently in it. The place is located in the town of Le Pont-de-Planches, in the French region of Borgoa-Franche-Comté.


The architects in charge of the projects are Mathieu Noël and Élodie Bonnefous. The first of them was a student of the teacher and knew first-hand Simon’s love for books, art and collecting.


On an old meadow on the outskirts of the town, is Maison Simon, a resounding two-sided volume covered with wooden boards and metal cover in black. In its longitudinal sense the house turns to the landscape through large windows from floor to ceiling.


The internal organization is distributed in a simple way. Along the rectangular floor of 110m2 a long library becomes the articulating axis of the house. In it, all books, works of art and other objects of the teacher, are distributed and accessible from any point of the house.


Maison Simon adapts both to the landscape where it is located and to the user who lives there, to his hobbies and passions


To the south are the bedrooms and a large living room that allows to see the shape of the sloping roof, increasing spatiality. There is also the dining room, living room and kitchen with pantry. A black metal stove centered in the main room, allows to heat the entire room.


In the north, Maison Simon locates the bathrooms and toilets rooms, and finishes the volume at its eastern end with a garage and utility room.

The aesthetic is continuous both inside and outside. On the outside, the reminiscence of the traditional cabins and barns of the place is clear. Wooden panels cover all the vertical coverings, interrupted only by the windows. With the passage of time the wood will turn color, which will allow Maison Simon to integrate even more into the landscape.


Inside, a sober palette of colors and materials solve all the rooms. A continuous floor in gray, white walls and ceilings, contrast with some elements in black and with the wood of the shelf that runs throughout the house.


Maison Simon completes its volumetry with a small terrace area that overturns the garden. The asymmetry of the two waters of the roof allows a small overhang over this space.

Photographs by Mathieu Noël.