Mami House by NOARQ


Located in Matosinhos, Portugal is the minimalist residence, Mami House by Portuguese architects, NoArq. The budget of this small and compact family house had to be less than 100,000€ and this resulted in a home of 160 sqm.


The simple two-storey house is contained within a small concrete cuboid. As the residence is located in the coastal town of Matosinhos, it occupies a small “pizza slice shaped” site is scattered with small sheds and vegetable gardens.


To stay within the prescribed budget, the Mami House has a simple finish: on the outside, all the walls are coated with a thin pale grey render, whilst the concrete in the interior is left bare. Furthermore, by opting to invest in energy efficiency of the building, rather than in its finish materials, the architects have reimagined the house as mini bunker with interior concrete walls and the a thermal insulation system on the outside.



Mami House is minimalist bunker-like family home that serves as an abode for a couple on a tight budget



The scheme of the Mami House is kept very simple, with no partitions than needed. The main staircase of the house is situated at the centre of the 9x9m plan, where it serves as a space divider for both levels of the house. On the ground floor, the staircase acts a divider between the living dining space, and the kitchen. In the upstairs, it separates the master suite from the two smaller bedrooms.


The staircase block of the Mami House incorporates shelving space and a bathroom which is completely built from wood, creating a warm contrast against the bare concrete of the interior. It is also complemented by patterned rugs on the lower floor and wooden floors in the upstairs.


To avoid making the Mami House seem cheap, the architect integrated various, generously sized windows. This includes one that is placed on the corner of the building, along with a pair of glass doors that open the living space to the garden. Furthermore, there is small basement floor level included which acts as a large storage space for the house.