Mantis, a minimalist lamp which bases its design on gravity

Mantis is a minimalist desk lamp, designed by the studio Boettcher Henssler Kayser for the Slovenian company of lighting: Vértigo Bird. It’s formed by three young designers who focus on the field of consumer products, furniture and lighting. Behind accumulated numerous awards and nominations both for its individual path and as its groupware since in 2007 will found his own studio. Thanks to its design Mantis in 2012 was awarded the Reddot Design Award.

Mantis-lámpara-lámpara de escritorio-lámpara minimalista-estudio alemán-Vértigo Bird-mobiliario-iluminación-Reddot Design Award

Formed with only three components: two pieces of wood and an aluminum tube. Mantis is already an icon of minimalist design. Simplified usability comes through in the mechanical principle which relies on gravity to fix an aluminum tube that has been inserted through a wooden stem attached to its base. With this simple principle you can rotate and adjust the height by sliding the aluminum tube through the base by a hole, which is held in place by gravity showing its delicate balance and lightness.

Mantis can rotate up and down without unscrewing any screws, simply exerting force on it

Mantis-lamp-minimalist lamp-wood-design

The lamp uses LED lighting accurately placed in the holes located at the top wooden accessory to provide natural lighting with white light.

Mantis-lamp-minimalist lamp-wood-design-aluminio-lámpara-madera

Thanks to its color palette and simplicity of its forms Mantis in a timeless product. Can be combined with any decor both at home and in the office. We can now find Mantis in two versions: as a desk lamp or floor lamp.