Mantra Raw vegan. Market, restaurant and state of mind

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Mantra is the first raw vegan restaurant in Italy. The project carried out by the interdisciplinary Super Cake Studio, which is a new concept in the field of restoration. It is not an integralist place, but a place where it’s possible to test an alternative dining experience and a spiritual practice of well being.

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“Anyone who enters is welcome, regardless from its usual diet. Who comes out takes away a smile, an experience of purification, a seed of rebirth. ”

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The architectural, graphic design and communication standards for Mantra came out of the idea of a seed and of essence. Simplicity, then, became the guiding principle for the whole project. It was pursued in the architectural and graphic design, their form and materials. The aim was to deprive everything of unnecessary frills and in prol of rigor, harmony and functionality.


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The former place was totally renovated, were created four distinct but strongly interrelated “environments”.


The raw vegan market is the area  where it’s possible to buy Mantra products in self service mode, consult books and eating quick meals.

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In the bar and show-cooking area, the chef prepares smoothies and Raw vegan foods.

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The kitchen, where “does not cook anything” , the raw lab, looks more like a laboratory than a traditional kitchen, with its American machineries. It’s visible from outside and from inside of the restaurant, to show the elaborate and special processes of preparation of food and cold pressed juices.

mantra - 03

The dining room is more secluded and reserved, with modular tables that allows to change the layout, if necessary.

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The design is minimal, of simple and clean lines.  A modular wall system creates a nice game interlocking pegs and shelves, ensuring the flexibility of the products arrangement or staff ingredients and tools. Raw iron and wood of furniture, the “red earth color” of the cement floor, are the background of a colorful presence of seeds, juices, snacks, fruit, vegetables and flowers.


mantra - 10


The lamps, aluminum outside and colorful inside, fall from the ceiling at different heights, creating a lively interplay of light and color

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mantra - 14

The environment is young, warm and colorful, elegant but not formal.

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