Maracana, transparency and opacity, glass and concrete between city and nature.

maracana-casa-hormigon-concrete-house-more-with-less-design-magazine-4Maracana is a family dwelling located in the loudy and crowds city of Sao Paulo, financial capital of Brasil. A project that has been recognized and awarded in the last year and carried out by the local architecture studio Terra e Tuma.A city where contemporary and traditional coexist, where the urban and the natural grow together, the culture of Brazilian architecture has found an identity that develops in the same direction. A phenomenon closely related to the design process of this house.

Maracana reflects balance and simplicity. An architecture that values traditional culture by bringing it closer to the present.


Located in an unstable place, due to the irregular land, it was decided, anyway, to prioritize the city views up from the hill. As a challenge, they thought that a strong concrete structure could support the this three storey house.
maracana-casa-hormigon-concrete-house-more-with-less-design-magazine-1The project is conceived with a modulation of concrete blocks, giving a rustic and simple aesthetic, but with a contemporary look. Large windows create a fragile limit between outside and inside, allowing nature to decorate the interior. All elements of railings and stairs are in black iron, which give the decoration an industrial and casual air.
maracana-casa-hormigon-concrete-house-more-with-less-design-magazine-2The main hall of Maracaná is the lung where the project breathes, a room in double height with a mezzanine. In the background a wall divides the volume that houses the private areas of the house. A transition element that allows to understand the complete logic of the house, its location and development.
maracana-casa-hormigon-concrete-house-more-with-less-design-magazine-3Maracaná is a project defined by the balance, juggling with all the adversities and to consummate a work that talks about constructive and material truth. A house that represents that with low budget and diverse complications, it is possible to find an architectural path with strength and personality. An architecture representative of local culture, but not less contemporary.
maracana-casa-hormigon-concrete-house-more-with-less-design-magazine-7Photos by Pedro Kok.