Masseria Moroseta, a Mediterranean retreat

masseria-moroseta-arquitectura-andrew-trotter-02Masserie Moroseta arises in the Italian region of Puglia, with stunning views opened onto the sea, within a vast field of olive trees. Set on a land full of history, with trees up to 500 years old, Masseria Moroseta is a rural hotel created by designer Andrew Trotter, founder of Openhouse magazine. Conceived as a traditional farmhouse with a modern look, the accommodation complex offers six suites located in an idyllic environment where organic olive oil is also produced.


masseria-moroseta-arquitectura-andrew-trotter-01masseria-moroseta-arquitectura-andrew-trotter-17masseria-moroseta-arquitectura-andrew-trotter-08Built up using traditional techniques and local materials, such as tufo -a porous volcanic stone-, Masseria Moroseta presents a modern architecture inspired by the old masserie; typical farmhouses of the region. In this way, the spatial programme is organised around an inner central patio, toward which the rooms are opened. Moreover, vaulted ceiling rooms with stone floors are also endowed with terraces overlooking the sea and private gardens that provide a great view over the fields.

Masseria Moroseta is an eco-friendly Mediterranean retreat to enjoy nature and solitude

The massive construction is made of thick whitewashed walls that reflect the sunlight and turns Masseria Moroseta into an eco-friendly passive architecture. Thanks to these constructive solutions, the indoor ambiance remains cool even with the summer heat of southern Italy, while creating cozy and light-filled interior spaces.



Despite being a minimalist architecture sparsely furnished, its design is conceived with a close attention to details. In this sense, common rooms have a pleasant atmosphere that encourage the conviviality among guests, while offering more intimate nooks where one can enjoy solitude and calmness. From the outside, Masseria Moroseta is stablished as an architecture totally integrated into the surroundings, in perfect harmony with the natural environment in which it is erected. As a result, its prismatic volumetry generates lines of pure geometry that stand out against the backdrop of the sky and create sculptural visual images.




Photos by Salva López