Matrix, system which interacts with the transparencies

Matrix is a collection of products designed by OS&OOS studio. This studio is formed by Mensen and Peet. This duo were graduated in the Eindhoven Design Academy and they founded its studio in 2011. They design small objects, and transfer this into spatial concepts, making them bigger. Also, they find the balance between form, material and the environment, but focused on transmit what they pretend. They have worked with huge brands, and its works have been exposed.



In this case, they have created Matrix. This collection consists in a variety of furniture which are made from a cuadricular steel structure. This structure was born from a grid to create screens for Ace & Tateflagship store. Departing from this, they modified the structure to create Matrix.



The collection is formed by a serie of benches and lights. But what it has to be highlighted, is that it’s completely minimal, and interacts with the optical effect. This way, changing visualy the thickness depending on the point of view that’s seen.



Matrix is a construction system, that depending on the form and the space which is found, it generates different geometric shadows



The form of Matrix, it’s inspired in the value of “the form meets the function”. The project started as a system which allows different constructions. From this ribs, they generate the object or the architectural structure. At the end, the system speaks by itself, working as a puzzle.



This structures, are made of steel cutted with laser. This, are cutted individualy, and then they can be constructed in a customizable way. So, the structure of Matrix is completely versatile and adaptable. Once assembled, it’s powdered, which gives the color, and the resistance to the external agents, so it can be used even in a interior, or in a exterior space.