“Meet The Wicker” is the result of combining craft and industry


“Meet The Wicker” aims to emphasize the strength of collaboration of craft and industry. By combining the traditional craft with the industrial metal frame the project aims to go away from the crafty look of wicker weaving and instead reinterprets the plants core values. The result of Meet The Wicker is a series of products reflecting different qualities of the wicker material implemented in industrial metal furniture. Natural wicker varies in thickness, and therefore it lends itself to be used for different products and functions. The woven parts of the furniture emphasize the structure of the natural wicker. The gradient in thickness varies from 2cm, for 2 years old wicker, to only a few millimeters, for very young wicker. All plants have been harvested during a specific time in spring, therefore staying white and not becoming yellowish over time. “Meet The Wicker” is a project of the Studio Chudy and Grase.


“Meet The Wicker” aims to emphasize the strength of collaboration of craft and industry.



A basket made from a steel skeleton (square metal ribs) with woven wicker. The aluminum lid transforms the basket into a coffee table. Context: living room accessory for pillows, blankets, magazines.

meet_the_wicker_more_with_less_07 meet_the_wicker_more_with_less_06

An Aluminum cupboard with woven wicker doors.  Size: 95x65x35 cm + 30cm legs.

Context: living room, bedroom, hallway. D 1100 is meant to store books and everyday objects. The wicker pattern allows for ventilation which also makes it suitable for storing textiles.

meet_the_wicker_more_with_less_05 meet_the_wicker_more_with_less_04

A stool made from rectangular steel profiles with a woven wicker seat. The seats woven structure allows the material to stretch when a person sits on it. The “pillow effect” shows the elasticity and durability of the material when it is woven in a closed pattern. Context: bedroom next to a dressing table, dining room.
meet_the_wicker_more_with_less_02 meet_the_wicker_more_with_less_03 meet_the_wicker_more_with_less_01

Studio Chudy and Grase was founded by Nils Chudy (German) and Jasmina Grase (Latvian) and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They have been working side by side for four years at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), practicing conceptual thinking and “hands on” work to realize their ideas. Studio Chudy and Grase is the result of uniting their strengths to design for those who search for everyday things that are made differently.

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