Meister House, the habitable sculpture of HDPF

Meister House is located in Rümlang, Switzerland, and is the project that the HDPF studio designs for a newly built single-family house. The house is built with a strong monolithic appearance, so much that it seems to swallow all the architectural details. It has a solitary aspect, almost of an uninhabited building, with a set of blind and open spaces.


The conception of the Meister House is the creation of a monolithic element, inflexible and resounding, which is only altered by the galvanized steel structure that adheres independently to the house, forming the balcony of one of the facades. In this way, Meister House becomes a habitable sculpture, where its details in the blind spaces and the slight setbacks between volumes of the different levels, complicate a simple volume.



Meister House manages to create a habitable architecture with a clear allusion to the sculpture by Rachel Whiteread



Meister House is built from the Mittelland granite, referring to the local tradition of the place. The environment that surrounds the house, has the reminiscence of existing remains. The functional organization of the house is carried out in three levels, with access through the intermediate level, where the common rooms are located.


In the interior, materials with different tactile qualities are differentiated, such as concrete or limestone sand brick, with different finishes, sandblasted or polished. This palette of materials, together with the composition of holes, generates a unique spatial and luminous experience. Instead of sophisticated technical details, a haptic experience is chosen, based on the experience of the space.



Photography by Valentin Jeck.