Mellbye, a new Nordic identity

Mellbye Arkitektur Interiør is an architectural studio established in Norway that was founded in 1954. In order to create a new and modern image, they contacted the Heydays design studio, which can boast of being one of the most awarded creative spaces in the country.

Mellbye has a new corporate identity created by Heydays

Mellbye has a very good reputation in its country for being a known supplier in the complete service of architecture. Since it began its activity, it has given impulse to projects where the fundamental objective was the individuality. Despite having a modernist mentality and certain limitations established by the environment and the client, it has always managed to solve identities based on a symbol that combines with its two pillars: architecture and the interior.

These two elements are what Heydays have used to work with the corporate identity of the study. Together they have been able to identify and clarify the fundamental values for a fully customized graphical solution.

For Heydays it is vital to work with intuition and, thanks to this, have always dared to challenge established dogmas in the world of design. The most precise solutions are obtained together with the clients, which is why they embraced an open dialogue with Mellbye. In addition, a key asset in Heydays is the professional team and knowledge, formed by a network of people with great talent and desire to improve: photographers, advertisers, 3D artists, illustrators… This allows them to have a wide range of possibilities to choose which is the team of professionals best suited to work on a project.

In short, working with the new corporate identity for Mellbye has been a very inspiring project for Heydays, who has had to make efforts to focus on functionality, simplicity and minimalism. Undoubtedly, they have been able to bring an elegant and cool touch to this project.