Melt and Recreate, a lampshade that dissolves and comes back to life


Siri Bahlenberg and Sofia Bergeld came up to the idea of creating a product which changes in time, decomposing but never dying. Based on that principle they created Melt and Recreate, a lampshade made out of ice that slowly melts back into its mould. Like this, it can be frozen and used again.

Melt and Recreate is a block of ice illuminated by LED lights and fibre optics (avoiding the dangerous combination of water and electricity). The lamp takes 10 hours to melt and other 10 hours to refreeze. Each casting – depending on the ambient conditions – is different, becoming more clear or translucent. The aim of the designers was to create a contemplative centrepiece: “just like enjoying a fireplace, the lamp creates a soothing environment, both visually and acoustically with the soft dripping”.


The LEDs and fibre optics are contained in a separate element from the metallic union to current, sitting on the top of the mould where the water freezes around. Like that, it holds it in place, being the only element which stays in contact with the frozen water. Once the water has frozen, the element -and the block of ice- are clipped to the union than connects to the current. The light is diffused trough the frozen volume, the glow of the lampshade will gradually become brighter as the ice slowly melts away. The mould -which is placed below the pendant- collects the melt water, which will be ready to be reused.

The aim of the designers was to create a contemplative centrepiece


“In one way it’s a throwaway product, because it disappears” – explain Siri Bahlenberg and Sofia Berfeld – “but we keep the water so it can be remade”. So as a kind of phoenix, Melt and Recreate keeps coming to live once it has dissolved. “We want to awaken reflection and awareness about the consumption of everyday objects that often are taken for granted” they added.


Melt and Recreate was presented in the Greenhouse area for the emerging talent at the Stockholm Furnishings Fair.