Mesa Nómada by Lanza

by | 2 November 2017 | architecture

This collaboration between Mesa Nómada and Lanza Atelier represents with a clear and singular way the idea behind these two projects. Mesa Nómada offers a new dynamic in the gastronomic world in Mexico. As its name suggests the table moves from one location to another. Together with the location, the space, the furniture and of course the menu also change to offer each time and to each foodie a different experience. Lanza is in Spanish, and action and object. It is also an architecture studio. True to their name they explore the limits of our daily life objects. Acting on them to discover until where  can we take them until we have to redefine them.

When does something stops being what it is to become something else?

In this collaboration Lanza Atelier designed this table for Mesa Nómada’s second anniversary.

A table is this objet that allows to do certain tasks away from the floor. It provides a surface, usually flat and regular for it. From work to leisure, each task has resulted in different height tables. The Mesa Nómada from Lanza Atelier explores these different dimensions for one same use: eating.

This wooden table is not a group of tables of different heights put aside. It is one and unique graded table thats goes from 60 cm to 1.20m, in which each section is supported by the next one. The difference of 5 cm between each section allows a comfortable relation between foodies sitting next to each other at different heights. To each section there is a chair with the corresponding height.

The banquet tables, very long, establish in a natural way, conversations and relation only between immediate neighbours and blocks it between people sitting in the extremities or more than one person away. The graded effect of this table opens this relation between both extremities. It also creates a new visual and spacial effect according from where you are sitting or standing.

Photos by Camila Cossio

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