Mies van der Rohe Award announce the Winner and Emerging Architect

E.U. Prize – Mies Award 2017 ends this last edition with the names of the Winner and the Emerging Architect 2017. In this edition the Mies van der Rohe Award goes to Amsterdam with the project called Flat Kleiburg by NL Architects.

The winning project respects the history of the building where it is placed. It is an innovative renovation of one of the biggest apartment buildings in the NL called Kleiburg with 500 apartments.

De FLAT rescued the building from the wracking ball by turning it into a Klusflat meaning that the inhabitants renovate their apartments by themselves. The idea is to renovate the main structure -elevators, galleries, installations- but to leave the apartments unfinished and unfurnished: no kitchen, no shower, no heating, no rooms. This minimizes the initial investments and as such creates a new business model for housing in the Netherlands.

Its materiality was restored, the communal areas were returned to their original form and supplemented with large communal lobb ies. In contrast to other buildings by NL Architects, the focus here was not on devising an impressive form, but rather on preparing a basic form for other actors.

Finally, every edition E.U. Prize – Mies award names an Emerging Architects. In this edition this prizeis give to MSA / V+ with their housing project.
Their project called NAVEZ is a housing project that represents the urban revalidation scheme with a landmark at the entrance of the city and to provide exemplary apartments for large families. The building establishes a dialogue with the infrastructure and a the heritage neighbourhood.
Located at one of Brussels main entrances, the building is a social housing operation and a flagship project for the
new identity of that neighbourhood. The building provides a solid and comfortable basis for families in need and stands with an open angle.