“thismintymoment” by Minh-t

Minh-t has managed to create a unique , singular and personal universe using Instagram as a platform to show this to the rest of the world under the name of Thismintymoment.

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 The exquisite work of Minh-t, versatile graphic designer based in Los Angeles, have simplicity and purity like dogmas, color harmony and a variable but always consistent, which moves between architecture, fashion, the human body and nature. Among the most notable places listed in this universe of low contrast and whitish tones highlight, the city where he lives, LA, besides cities like Washington DC , Stockholm, or such notable locations as the beaches of Malibu or desert Joshua , California. Looking always convey calm and tranquility , Minh -t uses a minimalist color palette and calm.

Minh -t creates a universe using Instagram to show this to the rest of the world under the name “Thismintymoment”


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Minh-t acknowledges that began in the famous social network as a mere spectator , and was attracted by the “ voyeur “ nature of it , it lets take a look at the life of a stranger. Year and a half ago started posting , and since then has created a unique and representative of a minimalist aesthetic style interpreted personally .

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thismintymoment_IMG_8994 In his feed doesn´t appear any photo that does not have his signature , his ultimate goal of Minh-t is create images that conmuevan himself, with personality and visually interesting . As Diana Vreeland said …   “ the eye must travel.”
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