Minimal editorial design plus black equals great design


Argentinian graphic designer Fede Kanno avoids any colour on this minimal editorial design ; ‘Septième Art’, a minimal cinema magazine. Black fonts and black and white images create a whole picture in which free space rules. This minimal approach on the design is counterweighted with the  variety of grids used in the project and they are so important in it that even images are cut through this grid, but these cut off pictures are cleverly ‘divided’ so non of them loose their meaning, for instance both eyes are always seen so facial expression is not lost.


Typography plays an important role in the minimal editorial design ; few fonts are used, sans serif fonts; the role of these typographies is to play with the kerning and the tracking; or with italic and bold characters. So the author creates a balance with few elements but cleverly used, provided that there are no many typographies, let’s play with them, focusing on a minimal editorial design i.e. few elements do the trick.

Only black on a white canvas  makes this minimal editorial design the key to success


Lastly, space is a design key element in this minimal editorial project, horror vacui is not a feature of Kanno’s magazine. White spaces make a beautiful flow between grids, cut off images and fonts, a visual delight when reading o browsing through the pages with a balance of few but selected elements.