Sonicisual, a minimalist editorial design

diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (1)

The main purpose of this minimalist editorial design is not image but sound. Singaporean Valerie Ng creates a book based on an editorial design with a smart layout. The task involves two main features: an attractive design, clear, light and minimal, and a guide to the sounds of Singapore.

diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (2)diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (3)

The Asian graphic designer tries to attract reader’s attention through a no grid layout; each page follows its rules. One page maybe blank, the following one maybe full of images, the next one has only a capital letter, and the next one a paragraph in a corner; but all of them are guided by a minimalist approach.

Sonicisual, a minimal editorial design to promote sonic environment
diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (4)

diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (6)The book describes sounds in the city of Singapore, with text and pictures acting as ‘provocateurs’; the main objective is to make readers… listeners. Singapore is a very crowded city, the 3rd most crowded in the World so sounds are an important part of  everyday’s life. Using a book based on a minimalist editorial design is a smart way to prompt ‘readers’ to listen de sonic part of it; readers are not distracted by the minimal layout and they focus in the listening part.
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diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (7)diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (8) diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (9)diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (10)diseño-editoral-minimalista-more-with-less-magazine-minimalismo-gráfico-diseño-minimo (11)