Mirasal, the origin of the set

Mirasal is the project carried out by Balzar Arquitectos and Julia Alcocer in the municipality of Torrevieja, south of Alicante. The important tourist attraction of the area allows the construction of a residential development in a landscape of great scenic and ecological value, very close to the Mediterranean Sea.


The project adapts to the marked topography, adjusting to the triangular shape of the plot, joining the perimeter and creating an interior garden. The building is accompanied to the different height changes breaking the volumetry.


Mirasal is the beginning of a set, the contrast of the construction and the final inhabited state


With plans to complete the entire urbanization in 2019, Mirasal completes two of its homes to be shown as pilot homes. The houses generated are distributed in trays on each other, with terraces and gardens superimposed.


The home created is a quiet and peaceful place, where the white floods everything. The connection to the outside is made directly, through a large window with the terrace.


A wet core divides the night zone and the day zone, where the living room and the kitchen share the same area.



Photographs by Mariela Apollonio.