MIST Collection, the essence of KEWLOX by Julien Renault

The MIST Collection created by Julien Renault and produced by KEWLOX, reinvents in a special collection the storage system of the 50s of this iconic Belgian design brand. MIST is based on the assembly of pieces in a simple and elegant way.


The design of this collection is based on the four corner profiles made of steel. Considered as window frames, the simplicity of the system lies in interior rails on which the tempered glass surfaces are placed. These glass panels allow partial or total closure of the cabinet. Similarly, glass panels generate sliding doors to access content.



The MIST collection summarizes the essence of the KEWLOX storage system through a simple structure and timeless aesthetics



The entire structure is made of aluminum and steel in black and the tempered glass allows to turn MIST into a translucent element that lets you glimpse the objects it houses.


The aesthetic line of the MIST collection is timeless and fits perfectly in any space. The versatility at the time of storage makes MIST a very recurring element either in the home or in the workspaces.


The collection consists of modules with one, two, three or four heights, which allow them to be joined together. Its semitransparent appearance allows the division of spaces in a natural and subtle way, allowing the passage of light.


Photographs by Julien Renault.