Moon Chair, the chair inspired on the moon

Moon Chair is a chair designed by Yong Jeong. This designer is established in Seoul, in South Korea. He is specialized in product, but he has worked in other work camps, as spaces, brand identity and other kind of designs. In his designs, he tries to explore and squeeze the forms. He’s not only based on common things, but to create he uses his imagination and the memory.



In the case of Moon Chair, as its own name says, it’s based on the moon form. This is an example very visual to catch the form as a reference and implant it on the design. Considering the ergonomic measures and the curved forms to make of this chair, a furniture more comfortable. The moon that it’s represented it isn’t whichever, it’s the full moon. This, when appears, usually gave us the sensation of comfort and it make us happy when appears.



Moon Chair, inspired in a natural form but with very straight and clean lines. Highlighting the forms, that are very defined without losing the main concept.



The emotions play a very important role in this furniture. Apart from this, the designer in Moon Chair tries to recreate this naturale element in a very simple way, with clean forms, to imply the use about what it is and how it works. The main material to make the seat and the back is made of high-frequency bending wood. The legs and the structure is made of white oak massif.



In the end, the base for Moon Chair is the simplicity that it’s shown. With a minimalistic touch, and a clean profile, it’s created this kind of furniture. Where the concept it’s very well represented and the user can feel curiosity for this product, to seat on this. At the end, while it keeps the functionality, the design is the concept added which gave meaning, make it more cole to the user.