MR53 by Bloco Arquitetos


The design for project 53 was originally conceived by the architect Milton Ramos, who was an important collaborator to Oscar Niemeyer on the design and detailing of some of his most renowned buildings in Brasília. Project 53 dates back to December 27th, 1972, however the house was only finished in 1974.


For 40 years, this residence had belonged to the same family, although it hasn’t avoided interventions that has altered the author’s initial concept. The reflective pool was covered by soil and a fence was placed in the external vestibule, while the interiors of the house which were once rendered in exposed concrete, are now covered by layers of mortar, plaster and white paint. There were also small and minor interventions made in the windows and door opening detailing.


BLOCO Arquitetos’ M53 is a modern restoration of the brutalist Project 53 by Milton Ramos, a frequent Oscar Niemeyer collaborator

BLOCO Arquitetos’ design for the restoration of the house- known as MR53- and retrofit, has adapted the house to the new owner’s needs as well as it recovering some aspects from the original concept. This includes a free flow between spaces, exposed concrete usage and water usage. These design aspects are readily used in Ramos’ other public designs, and they were wisely adapted for this residential project in Brasília.


In this design, the original Ipê wooden floor was retrieved and the exposed concrete on the interiors of the house were exposed and restored. The reflective pool just in front of the house was redesigned with the existing fence removed to allow for better accessibility. The existing bathrooms were readapted and split for the creation of suites, including a central restroom that was enlarged. All these measures were adapted to the house as per the owner’s requests.