Museum of Royal Collections. A building that reconciles time and space in present.

Museum of Royal Collections, has been awarded with the FAD 2017 Architecture Awards held on Thursday 29th July at the Design Museum in Barcelona. Awarded through a voting process carried out by both, guests and a jury of expert.museo-de-las-colecciones-reales-Museum-of-royal-collections-more-with-less-design-magazine-Located in the Royal Palace of Madrid city, Spain and designed by architecture office Mansilla y Tuñón. From an urban perspective, the project must reconcile the monumental scale of the Palace, with the gardens that surround it. Try to adapt to the natural environment, without neglecting its architectural, to look for a contemporary language that combines with the original building, without losing, in turn, the relationship with the public.

Museum of Royal Collections is a simple, sensitive and impressive building.

museo-de-las-colecciones-reales-Museum-of-royal-collections-more-with-less-design-magazine-9In order to achieve this objective, the architects had developed a linear structure, a solid wall, that follows the horizontal line of the Palace. The Museum of Royal Collectionssince it is buried is invisible from Almudena’s Place. While it rises in a single, simple and compact volume, able to accommodate large works inside.
The materials of the new building are the same as those in the Royal Palace, but used in a different way, managing to unite both projects. Looking for that strength and importance of a historical, with the elegance and simplicity that characterizes contemporary architecture.
museo-de-las-colecciones-reales-Museum-of-royal-collections-more-with-less-design-magazine-7The reinterpretation of the windows, in vertical stripes, break with the marked horizontal axis of the building. A dematerialized volume that brings lightness to the set distinguishing it from its environments, both the built and the natural. A way to bring opacity and transparency simultaneously.museo-de-las-colecciones-reales-Museum-of-royal-collections-more-with-less-design-magazine-6The building is developed on three floors, the same and different, housing three different collections. Each of the storeys is conceived as a storage space of 150 x 20 m. In the east wing it borders with the Arab wall, and in contrast, to the west with massive granite pillars that open the visuals towards Campo del Moro.
The Museum of Royal Collections is an example of great architectural precision. Of how to catalyze existing agents to enhance the best of both exterior and interior. Is a building of wonderful and subtle contradictions combined and translated into the best architectural language. As their authors say, they make visible the important things that already exist.
museo-de-las-colecciones-reales-Museum-of-royal-collections-more-with-less-design-magazine-10Photos by Luis Asín Lapique.