Myro, ethic, sustainable and functional deodorant

Myro is a rechargeable deodorant made for Visibility studio. They have won the Wallpaper* Design Award to the best cleaning product. Visibility has its headquarters in New York. Founded by Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab in 2012. Its based in the purity of the materials and the product, adding the innovation part. They work with several clients, in this case, the direct client was Myro.



In this case, the well-being sustainable brands, organic and ethic dominate nowadays to be winners of design awards. Showing that the design can go together with a more responsible production.



Myro is a rechargeable deodorant made of natural materials, respectful with the animals and the environment. From an exhaustive investigation, they could create the suitable composition for this deodorant. They found the purest ingredients and with the highest quality to take care of the skin. This are naturals and without aluminum, parabens, phthalates nor talcum in its composition. They remove any nocive chemical product.



They join the form and the function, with a sustainable and ethic routine, as the product as the design. Because make feel good and feel good has to be daily.



With the aesthetic of Myro, its seek to not hide it, being a product that you can save inside or outside of the home. This way, creating a new experience for the user, so he feels happy while he uses it. Being decorative and functional at the same time. The case it’s presented in 5 different tones and with different fragrances.



According to the amount of plastic, it’s used a 50% less compared with the standard. Furthermore, it’s fully recyclable. The capsule it’s slipped by the form of the deodorant just with a turn, a gesture and touch completely familiar.



They based this design in the simplicity, to keep the smell of each other according to each necessity, creating a comfortable routine, so the user feels comfortable using this product and he can also assume of it.