Narita, a new curvilinear language

by | 5 May 2017 | Uncategorized

Kevin Magalhaes is a graphic designer and student of Master 2 in ECV – Creative Schools & Community established in Lille, France.

Thanks to his knowledge of visual communication, he has created a new dry stick typeface composed of 160 glyphs that he has named Narita.

Narita is a new typography created by Kevin Magalhaes

Narita is a new monovolume typography. It is made up of 160 different glyphs, which are the graphic representation of an element of writing, whether letters, numbers or signs.

Magalhaes was inspired by the new signage of Narita International Airport, Tokyo, which was designed for the arrival of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of the year 2020.

This identity is distinguished by the details reminiscent of the athletic qualities and the airport itself. The construction of this mark ensures that each curve is correctly associated with these two elements.

Thus, Magalhaes designs Narita from curved forms that give as a result a typography reminiscent of mechanical and industrialized writing. Thus, the dynamism of its forms and the perfection of its finishes converge in an original proposal available free to download from any web server.

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