No19, a cafe that combines styles and is not afraid of color.

No.19 Cafe Society, Ascot Vale, by BIASOL:Design Studio. Photo © Ari HatzisNo19 is a coffee shop located in a commercial area of Melbourne’s Ascot Vale, Australia, the perfect place for a break between shopping. The marriage and also design team that make up Domenic and Diana Caruso, Biasol; has carried out their second coffee project, after the success of the first, in a society that enjoys coffee culture.

no19-diseño-interior-interior-design-more-with-less-design-magazine-9A place that combines elegance and sophistication, but without losing the homey and casual touch of having a cup of coffee. No19 is an integral, complete project, conceived from branding, a principal idea that executed with coherence. From the beginning, seeks a timeless space, with its own style inspired by Greek delicatessens that were raging in this area around the decade of the 50’s.


No19 combines a striking and delicate interior design with coherence in the integral idea.

No.19 Cafe Society, Ascot Vale, by BIASOL:Design Studio. Photo © Ari HatzisOn a rectangular main floor, this restoration has a great original starting point, high ceilings covered with skylights that flood the space with natural light; The rest is design. In the central space a concrete bar is located, which has been covered Moroccan tiles painted by hand in blue and green. An ethnic and artisanal touch to give that unique look to the place.

The lights, delicated and refined appliques, are specifically designed for this project. Delicate and thoughtful for every corner of the cafeteria. With a similar aesthetic, the shelf behind the bar and benches are designed.

No.19 Cafe Society, Ascot Vale, by BIASOL:Design Studio. Photo © Ari HatzisThe tapestries in gray and pink of classic houndstooth contrast with the silent gray of the concrete giving warmth and a fun touch to the cafe. A careful explosion of color. The seats have been carefully designed,to give a different quality to each area.

no19-diseño-interior-interior-design-more-with-less-design-magazine-8At the entrance the high benches offer a more streety and dynamic feel. As you enter to cafe no 19 the space and its furniture become little by little more intimate atmosphere.

All elements of this project, including menus, coasters and crockery, have been specially chosen. In no19 there is a close and successful symbiosis between the eclectic and contemporary.

no19-diseño-interior-interior-design-more-with-less-design-magazine-10Photos by Ari Hatzis.