Nomad Every Day, artisan coffee shop in Raval

Nomad Every Day is one of the new incorporations of artisan coffee shop to the city of Barcelona, more specifically to the neighborhood of Raval. The project designed by Júlia Esqué is located in a small room, with little façade and great depth.


The premises are adapted to the functionality of the store and cafeteria, with a select product chosen by Jordi Mestre, the king of coffee in the city of Barcelona.


The distribution of Nomad Every Day is simple, the great height of this type of premises in the center of Barcelona is respected, and its wooden slab and Catalan vault are visible. A spatial division is made between the first and second bays, thus separating the private traffic from the public, for this a small piece of furniture is placed that acts as a counter.


Nomad Every Day synthesizes the essence of coffee and its preparation in a small place in the Raval neighborhood, creating a pleasant and welcoming space


It is noteworthy that the division between the consumption zone and the preparation zone is made in a much more flexible way, avoiding the corridor that serves as a dividing line between the private and the public. In this case, this limit is diluted, generating a workspace on the edges of the premises, facilitating the experience of visualizing the preparation.


At the material level, Nomad Every Day makes a synthesis in its materials and colors. The metallic coating in white of walls and counters refers to that machine that allows the elaboration of coffee. On the other hand, the use of ceramics in earth color, both in the pavement and in the countertops, gives that point of warmth characteristic of the artisan element, alluding to the raw material of coffee.


Element that travel much of the space in its perimeter as the counters or shelves, make the space seem larger and dilate. The careful use of the graphic elements help even more to understand the brand as a product focused on the essentials.


Photographs by Júlia Esqué and Petite Passaport.