‘Nordic Futurism’ by Kim Høltermand

The photographic series ‘Nordic Futurism’ by Kim Høltermand shows us a reserved side of the Danish photographer. The set of photographs is structured as a small minimalist representation of the architectural landscape of Denmark. In this way, Høltermand’s intimate approach has made him one of the most interesting photographers in the country.


Some of the most representative architectural works of recent years are portrayed by Kim Høltermand in a gray palette of underexposed pictures. When Høltermand uses black and white photography, the materiality of the different facades helps to generate a game of light and shadow between one scene and another, giving homogeneity to the series.

The compositions that make up the series ‘Nordic Futurism’ by Kim Høltermand are small architectural scenes, where light is the most important material.

In recent years, Kim Høltermand has established himself as one of the most relevant architectural photographers on the international scene, working for various media. In his work, architecture is reduced to the mere focus, highlighting the geometries and construction details.

Buildings like the Rock Magneten by studios MVRDV and COBE or the Bella Center by 3XN are some of the protagonists of this demure but intense series. In his work, Kim Høltermand takes advantage of light as the main material to exploit all the game that the skins of buildings have. Although never before had been linked to architecture, under its objective the Danish photographer turns each facade into a dashboard of lights and shadows, of lines and surfaces.

Together, the work in ‘Nordic Futurism’ by Kim Høltermand is a beautiful example of minimalist photography. As in the rest of his work he has some more personal works, his dedication and determination to improve his photographic qualities have led him to position himself as one of the architecture photographers of the moment.