Nordic Time, the customizable watch from Erdem Selek

by | 20 March 2017 | product

Nordic Time, is the latest work by Turkish designer Erdem Selek. Nowadays, this young designer runs his own design studio in Oregon, USA. Where he realizes personal projects combining it like professor assistant in the university. During next April, the designer will exhibit Nordic Time at Salone Satelite Milan. Along with other projects he has developed in his studio.


A minimalist design brought to the pure essence of its functionality. Where the designer has used the least possible material to fulfill the function of a watch. By means of a simple and clean aesthetic Erdem Selek get to realize an effective product.

Nordic Time is a watch which seeks to achieve harmony in an environment that is constantly changing

Its great quality of customization, makes Nordic Time a very personal watch. Able to bring the colors of the Nordic cities and allow its users to create different combinations of color. Adapting to different moments of the day to day, with disparate compositions of color.


A watch with simple shapes, without buckles or unnecessary elements to fulfill its function. The strap is inspired by the closures of marmalade jar  with a fresh and cheerful design. Made in silicone rubber, a material that produces a pleasant sensation to the eye and soft to the touch, which at the same time is very easy to clean. The housing containing the internal mechanism of the watch is screwed onto the strap easily.

Through the simplicity of its forms and a minimalist line. The Nordic Time watch is a functional and original product. Its elements have been carefully designed so that with the minimum, it perfectly fulfills the function of a watch. In addition to being a fashion accessory of aesthetics very carefully and customizable by the user.


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