Identity for I am Nuria. The essence lies on the paper

Sr. y Sra. Wilson is a design studio based in Mataró, near Barcelona. These recent years this studio has stepped out very loud among other studios much bigger than them and today they can happily say that they have established as a well-known strategic design studio in Barcelona’s capital. Even though being a small studio can be risky sometimes, Sr. y Sra. Wilson has taken this factor as their flag and they have made it grown.

One of their latest works is the graphic identity designed for I am Nuria, a creative print production consultancy firm that has become very popular in Barcelona. Both studios curiously have similar working philosophies, small teams with a lot of contacts to call on in case it is required by the brief.

The graphic identity for “I am Nuria” is based on a visual and tactile experience of the stationary elements.

The concepts they wanted to transmit with the identity were a strong personality but also a high level of professionalism capable of adapting to many types of companies and studios.

So, how could they express this personality without running out of professional character? Here is when Fedrigoni took part, providing them in a wide range of papers in order to develop the identity. This Italian company founded in 1888 in Verona is one of the top leaders in the production and sales market of high-quality paper in Europe.

Frequently on the design process choosing the finish type of paper, the colour or the texture, is left as one of the last steps in the process. However, this fact sometimes can play against the project inasmuch just investing a small part of time thinking about the right paper to print on it can make the difference between a good project or an excellent project. Moreover, to choose the right paper whether the colour, texture or finish, can also enhance the graphics on the final result.

The studio has designed a very special element of the corporate identity; The “Pantotarjetera” an original and exclusive business card combined with a paper sampler based on Pantone swatch book. Designers are going crazy for one of those.

The studio, Sr. y Sra. Wilson has wagered to keep a simple and formal graphic design and highlight the importance on the details and the final production by using the paper as the main element for the visual identity of I am Nuria.