Art and activism by Object_ify 139

Object_ify 139 is an art and object store located in New York, that sells prints, books, sculptures and much more objects made mostly by local artists.

The project intends to showcase and sell the work of those artists as well as being a meeting point for artists but also for the general public who has the change to get involved in the artistic and cultural life of the community.

“Flags”, is the latest project Object_ify 139has shaped. The shop has teamed up with Ace Hotel in order to develop this project. Ace Hotel is an unusual hotel or more accurately a usual chain of hotels. Speared all over the USA and also London and Panama. This fashionable and hip hotel owned by Alex Calderwood, Wade Weigel and Doug Herrick opened its doors for the first time in 1999 in Seattle.

Object_ify 139 and Ace Hotel has worked together in “Flags”, a project that celebrates design while supports activist organizations.

Ace Hotel has collaborated and undertaken countless of projects with other brands, companies or on its own with the purpose of exploring and celebrating design, technology and creativity in many different ways. This strategy has given the hotel’s DNA.

On this occasion, “Flags” is a project, which aims to support activist organizations and reinforce social and equability values for the future. The project started after the washout of the latest 2016 US Presidential elections when a general disappointment sensation was introduced in some communities as well as groups of artists and entities that felt the policies of the actual American administration were oppressing some citizens collectives.

Maria Candanoza,the founder of Object_ify 139, started to feel interested in exploring flags, as an object related to the freedom of speech, which could either separate or gather two different collectives for the same causes.

Candanoza asked eight artists to reinterpreted the concept of a flag so each artist could reflect its own point of view. The artists were: Josefina Santos, Kristin Texeira, Zak Jensen, Mónica Ramos, Erik Freer, Dan Abary, Chiaozza, Rachel Levit and Candanoza herself.

Candanoza says: “Unity of activism and art is one of the good things that the last election revived. I think it has given me a sense of purpose for our projects. The idea is of course to support these organizations, but also to unite and inspire. It would be great to see them flying outside people homes.”

The result of the project are bright and colourful flags, which each one expresses topics related to society, environment, politics… but the message still is the same, stay together and cooperate. The benefits from selling the flags will be given to different organisations and charities.