OBON, Traditional Japanese Gastronomy

A new course is approaching, and this year we are pleased to find very interesting proposals in the field of interior design, such as the Master in Interior Space Design of IED Barcelona. For this occasion, the hotel and gastronomic project Obon, whose name comes from the Japanese popular festivals that commemorates the deceased people in a festive way, redesigned the last floor of the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona, ​​a five-star hotel located in the heart of the city. city, in Passeig de Gràcia, with the idea of ​​designing in it a restaurant with a unique and singular gastronomic concept, giving at the same time importance to the area of ​​tranquility and relaxation isolated from urban stress.

The proposed gastronomic space was the traditional Japanese cuisine, giving importance to its healthy ingredients and its careful preparation and presentation.

For this, it was decided to propose a space design that took into account Japanese gastronomy as its culture, traditional aesthetics, as well as contemporary architecture, always looking for its value of differentiation. Inspired by the party called Obon, it was decided to apply this idea to this idea of ​​a cube (lantern) and increase its size, turning it into a closed environment, like a hut, to eat inside.

Another inspiration was the fast food street bars in Japan, called Teppanyaki. To do so, it was decided to create large islands, where people would enjoy this showcooking in a lively, dynamic and awake atmosphere, creating experiences so that the client would never repeat the same experience when returning to the same place.

The typography underlining the OBON naming emphasize the simplicity, cleanliness and neatness of a project, which moves us from the plate to the space and from the space to the plate with coherence and good taste.