Odger, from the eco material to the concept of a chair

Odger is the new chair from the Form Us With Love studio for the huge Swedish company, Ikea. This international studio was established in 2005. They believe in a design for everybody, without being elitist or ostentatious. The one that can be found in most of the homes. Its philosophy it’s based on evolve according to the necessities of the users and the market.

In this case, Odger is born from a previous analysis of the materials before having the form. The price, the quality and the sustainability are the main characteristics in this product. The unique material is wood polypropylene. In this case it has been used until 30/70 post-industrial recycled materials.

The concept comes from Ikea. They wanted to work in a more sustainable process. In particular the construction of the pallet depart from this material. But it wasn’t the case, and from that ‘mistake’ it was created Odger. So, in this way, it’s made from a sustainable material.

Odger is a chair thought from the materia to the form. Born from a design challenge, with a gesture, a unique manner to assembly it, with a click


Let’s talk about the buckle and the construction of this chair. In the assembling of this chair it’s made without screws. So, in that way there are not used more pieces than the necessary ones to make the construction of this. The chair is formed depart from a seat and the legs. This two parts are joint from a simple turn of a key. As if it was some kind of similarity to turn on a hose or the controls of the oven.

Even that, it’s kept the Ikea’s philosophy in Odger, to be the transport as economic as possible. That’s why there are two parts and they don’t make a unique structure. This is divided in 4 parts: the seat, the legs and two handle for the assembly. The process of this is so intuitive that it’s not necessary even the map.

Consequently, the form it was difficult to achieve. They were testing different curves and forms. The material it was very decisive to make the form. This, as properties, it’s less flexible but more strong. In that way if the design is not good, it breaks. That’s why it took a long time of investigation to create the best form and the easiest assembly.

It is presented in brown, beige and blue. Having this way a variety of colours to combine it better in spaces.