Off-Season, the story of an artificial beach by Balint Alovits

Amager Strand is the largest artificial beach in Copenhagen. Built in 1934, today, it is a landscape that retains its natural essence, despite the impact it has received by the hand of man. Off-Season is the project of the Hungarian photographer Balint Alovits. In it, he reflects the intimate relation between the urban furniture and a coast remodeled by the man.



A través de una estética ascética, Alovits muestra una playa desprovista de contexto. En el lugar, el mobiliario urbano junto con la jardinería dialogan con el espacio. Off-Season encuentra un balance entre los objetos artificiales y los elementos naturales a través de la simplicidad. No se genera ninguna contradicción entre las instalaciones veraniegas y el cielo invernal, dado que hay una relación a través de los colores terrosos y el azul verdoso del mar.

Due to an ascetic aesthetic, Alovits introduces a beach devoid of context. In the place, the urban furniture and the gardening dialogue with the space. Off-Season makes a balance between artificial objects and natural elements through simplicity. There is a coherence between the summer facilities and the winter sky, since the earthy colors and the greenish blue of the sea creates a relationship in between. 

Off-Season has a simple composition that allows objects to explain the presence of people in the place





The architecture and the installations turn out to be the main characters of the picture. Simplicity in composition allows objects to explain, by their functionality, the presence of people in the place. The photographer shows us desolated places, but still alive and with a great protagonism of the constructions.

All photographs has the same faded horizon. Alovits emphasizes the concept of space. Therefore, the exterior images simulate diaphanous interior distributions, influenced by their commercial photography.



Harmony is created in the images thanks to the little contrast and diffused lighting. All the natural elements appear saturated: the yellow reeds of the dunes, the grass or seaweed of the ocean. Instead, the pastel colors covers the facilities and they blur as long as the fog whitens the scene. For this reason, the images transmit a feeling of breadth and it seems to be in an unknown and desolate place.


Photographies by Balint Alovits.