Ogle mini, redesign by reasons of new necessities

Ogle mini is a lamp redesigned by Form Us With Love studio, for the ateljé Lyktan brand. The studio was founded in 2005. Mainly, they are looking for an evolution with the necessities of the projects. At the same time, they believe in a design for everyone, without being elitist or ostentatious.



On the other hand, ateljé Lyktan is a lighting company. As for the exterior as the interior, they look for new, innovative and intuitive solutions to use. They want to apply the technology in their products for a better energy efficiency. So, in this way, the philosophy of the studio and the way of making from the company, it’s combined.



Let’s talk about Ogle. It was launched eight years ago to the market. But this time it has been redesign as ‘Ogle mini’, it only measures 90mm. It has more than one option to place it, like hanged, on the floor, or on the wall. Appart from the basic colours that it’s yet presented, black and white, it has been expanded the colour range to be more personalized and being more easy to adapt it to the space.



Ogle mini, new generation of Ogle, where the versability relapses on the size and the colours of a spotlight



The main functionality of Ogle is that it works perfectly as a focus. The necessity of this kind of light, made to Form Us With Love to explore this market. It is very minimalistic and easy to use. The focus can be redirected thanks to a little covered slot. So in this way the inner part is not seen. This, allows to move it up and down, and also with the rotation system, from left to right.



This collection has been used in different installations and projects. It’s shown this way, that the lamp can be adapted to different spaces and ambientations. In this way, they were together to improve the lamp to make it more versatile. Which changes mainly, is the size. So, it can be placed more than one, without being the ‘spot’ of the attention of the space or the furniture.



The materials from Ogle are molded aluminium casting and the faceted reflector in aluminium. The light that it’s used is LED.