OII, turn on and off draw from the intuition

by | 20 October 2016 | product, slider

OII is a new technological proposal designed by Kiwi Bravo. This project has been developed with the Generalitat de Cataluña and ELISAVA. This is presented as a new innovation for the Next Design Innovation, an approach to make known emerging young in an area where the technology and the design are equally important.


Nowadays we are surrounded by a lot of new and complex technologies. Most of them are coupled with a large instruction manual with incomprehensible details that are not necessary. But increasingly it’s arriving the conclusion that the user needs something more intuitive and practical.



Most of the technology appears with the effect of ‘black box’. We only receive reply of an stimulus in an electronic device without knowing what is happening inside. The project OII wants to pass this effect. Where the simplicity and the intuitive were more easy to use and understand. In this manner the user has no doubt how works the electronic device.


OII is the equation to start the redesign of the technology, making it more intuitive and functional, adapting the necessities of the user


OII is formed by 3 switches that act as ON/OFF, but they go a little further. They have a cylindrical shape, but between them finish in different manner. OII most specially interact with the surface, as flat, rounded or angular. Depending on the incline will be more lights ON or OFF.


It has the electronic device inside, exactly where there is the unique slot to open an see how it works. The form and the colour of OII is very neutral, but friendly talking about the touch and the esthetic. Inviting to touch and use it with the hands. There is no other way to make it work, arriving to its ultimate goal, being intuitive.


Ultimately, with OII has been achieved the change of the way we see complex technological devices. Where the primigenio is the intuition, through the mystery of the user.

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