OKO expression of sensitivity

OKO, is a domestic kit designed for the preparation of all kinds of infusión, herbal teas or macerations, cold as well as hot. Designed by Jordi Ros in his final project at Elisava School of Design and Engineering in the city of Barcelona. And I tutored by two great designers, Martin Ruiz de Azua and Luis Eslava. This project was awarded the prize Ei! An award which Elisava school encourages its students to highlight the best course projects.


OKO focuses its design to create an emotional linkage between the product and the user. While the user is in full interaction with the object during its use phase.

This causes the user is attracted by the qualities of a product that not only care about the appearance. If not in the combine different utensils kit to come to end through the application process.

In this way, creates an emotional relationship between people and objects often used as OKO


The OKO kit consists of a family of objects that form a product where simplicity prevails, both in form and functionality. Nordic style, the aesthetics of this product is characterized by the use of processes and traditional materials such as wood and ceramics. But the designer not only looks like visually, if not combine product aesthetics so that you can reach the user sensuously transmit the combination of these materials.


Jordi Ros focused his creative process of making a product focused on the process of using. Emphasizing in this way its ritualistic character and emotional and sensory interaction which born between object and user. Bearing in mind throughout the design phase of the technical feasibility of the product.