Old Jaffa House 3, by Pitsou Kedem Architects

by | 27 December 2017 | architecture


Old Jaffa House 3 consists of the renovation of a historic apartment in the city of Jaffa, an ancient port city located south of the urban center of Tel Aviv, Israel. This temporary home designed by the architects Pitsou Kedem, seeks to recover the original volumes of the house, enhancing the height games, unevenness and domes that cover the spaces.


The structure of the house manages to unite environments and break with the fragmentation of the thick walls. For this, the small rooms that make up the house and that have their own personality, are considered as a single continuous space.


The passage between rooms of the Old Jaffa House 3 is always done in a different way. Differences in shapes and dimensions characterize the arches that one area of the house communicates with another. These steps are highlighted and at the same time they frame. They are objects in themselves that give character to the room in which they are located, and at the same time serve as an opening to see the next room.


Old Jaffa House 3 manages to concatenate existing spaces in a natural way, as a contemporary cave


Old Jaffa House 3 looks out to the sea, so that all the rooms are illuminated by natural light, avoiding little illuminated spaces.


The materiality refers to the existing, traditional architecture. The white plaster makes an appearance and serves as a driving element. Discovering the masonry dome of the kitchen area, allows to contrast the space and talk about the original aspect of the house. The color palette is completed with black, present in the few carpentry and recurrent in furniture elements. All of them are completed with wooden elements and punctual touches of color.


Pitsou Kedem Architects act on different pre-existing buildings turning them into tourist apartments of which Casa Old Jaffa 3 is part.


Design team:Pitsou Kedem , Irene Goldberg.
Architect in charge:Raz Melamed.
Styling for photography: Eti Buskila.

Photography by Amit Geron.


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