Orballo, showroom and tasting space

Orballo is a brand of products that are 100% ecological, sustainable and of groumet quality, that sells and cultivates aromatic plants and spices, organic rice and infusions. In the region of As Mariñas, in A Coruña, the Galician architecture studio Silvosa París Arquitectura creates a showroom and tasting space that follows the line of respect and care for the land, characteristic of the brand.


Orballo transforms part of the pazo that occupies the plantation, next to the chapel and the loft, and adapts it as a tasting space and product showroom. In this way, the different items are known from their plantation until they are tasted.


The space tries to highlight the product, respecting the Galician manor house in which it is located. For this, as a new internal skin, the walls are covered with a system of rigid DM boards that, with the help of the machining of some parts, allows to generate curves that are linked together.


Orballo, a brand based on sustainability and respect for the earth creates a warm tasting space, based on the curve as a natural form of knowledge


The showroom and tasting space are mixed with each other continuously through this wood paneling. The pre-existing floors and ceilings are kept white to increase the brightness inside.


All the wall cladding is built with a self-supporting 12mm thick board, which also becomes shelves to expose the product. With this system, the project solves all aesthetics with a single material. The machining of the pieces for its curvature through vertical grooves, gives rhythm along the route.


The lighting inside is resolved with balls of light at the height of the gaps that connect with the outside. In these points of correspondence between window and interior, the wood is perforated, at the height of the luminary, creating a counterpart system between natural and artificial lighting.


Photographs by Iván Casal Nieto.