“Otro” is the tag to untag people

Any person who does not want to define himself within the binary genres dictated by society, man-woman, is “The other” This is the reflection of Judith Butler, one of the most influential philosophers of the contemporary era with numerous contributions in the fields of feminism, the Queer theory but also in political philosophy and ethics.

Although the concept of “Other” was first mentioned by Simone de Beauvoir, also a philosopher and activist for human rights and the feminist movement, Butler is the one who has just outlined, updated and contextualized the concept of “the other” in the 21th century.

 “Otro” is the final degree project of Maria Cabré Mas a visual communication student at Elisava University of design in Barcelona. Maria’s project is committed to a freer, more responsible and ethical society. Free of definitions, labels, stereotypes and prejudices. Considering people as free bodies that transform, converge and mutate.

“Sex does not create gender, gender is the cultural representation of sex” Simone de Beauvoir

The project materializes in the corporate identity and the visual communication of an underwear brand. “Otro” differs from its competitors in the conceptualization of the product, since it is not based on gender differences, man-woman, but the product is adapted to the different physical, sexual, hygienic and health needs of each individual.

The naming, “Otro”, “Other” in English, fits perfectly with the brand, for its pursuit with derogatory associations but at the same time for its revindicative aspects. The baseline or slogan that accompanies it, “Be indifferent”, appeals directly to the consumer and transmits the idea of not to feeling different, in reaction those brands that asks to their costumers to be different, special.

“Skinwear” is the new nomenclature used to designate the products of the brand, bringing authenticity and veracity to the concept of non-gender that the brand seeks with its communication. “Skinwear” wants to be the clothing for your skin that adapts to your body.

The project is conceived in a time and an ideal international framework where debates and controversies about the concept of gender are the order of the day. “Other” aims to reflect a complex concept through a commercial and democratized will of the brand. The tone with which the brand is expressed is polarized. On one hand the vindictive and provocative tone that appeals to the feelings and emotions of the consumer, and on the other, a more “soft”, soft part, which explains the functionality of the product from a more technical side.

The main typefaces are a lengthened san serif, Drunk Medium, and the classical and elegant serif, Caslon 224 Black. These two highly contrasted typefaces coexist in many occasions in the same compositions, although only the san serif, Drunk, is used when the brand takes on a more claiming and positioning tone. The outlined typography symbolizes the contrast between body and skin.

Regarding the colors, the brand uses black on white, both with the same visual presence. The holographic material produces the main color of the identity, reflections of various colors mostly a purple, blue and silver palette. The holographic finish showcase the concept of adaptability that the brand is always seeking. Depending on the environment, light or the person that supports the material reflects one spectrum or another.


“Otro” skinwear, is a wide project, with a variety of graphic and digital supports, such as the commercial campaign (see) with models selected specifically to represent the brand character. The quality of the final finishes and the aesthetic linked to an actual concept of social interest make this project closer to a professional level than to an internal university level.