The Preschool in Ouled Merzoug, vernacular and contemporary, by BC-AS

The Preschool of Ouled Merzoug in Morocco is a project by BC-AS. BC stands for Brussels Cooperation and AS for architects and studies. The studio is based in Brussels and Addis Abeba in Ethiopia. They’re work is split between a laboratory for architectural, material and social research and full architectural services for built projects; ranging from experiments with local materials to urban developments, and from innovative building processes to small scale renovations. All driven by an interest an sensitivity towards people, context and materials.

The Preschool of Ouled Merzoug comes from a holistic architectural design, incorporating community dynamics, bioclimatics and a new vernacular style.

This is an extension for the existing school. The building is made of classroom between two courtyards, one as a playground for the youngest and the other for the rest of the students.

Built on local stone foundations, adobe walls and and earth flat roof and including bioclimatic functions; the building is what we call new vernacular. It is inspired in vernacular and local typologies without neglecting contemporary technologies and innovations. The building has a cavity wall and a big thermal mass for insulation to the south. The southeast and northwest façades have are protected by the trees and courtyard’s shadows. This regulates the temperatures inside the building and makes for pleasant environment and spaces from early morning to late afternoons.

The finishes are made of traditional materials and technics. The exterior is made with a “tamelass” render. This is a mix of two different earths, sand and straw. The interior is made of polished “nouss-nouss”. This is a half-half of earth and gypsum.