Oysho, a simple concept presented in a delicate format

The studio of graphic design Solo, in charge of identity making for the new collections of Oysho, was founded in October 2011 in Barcelona with the aim of creating projects that follow as core values honesty and austerity. During these six years they have worked with the conviction that good design is based on doing few things, but being selected as the most essential. In this way, they have developed projects in the field of editorial design, corporate identity and web development of large organizations around the world.

Solo has developed the new identity of the well-known lingerie brand Oysho

Oysho is one of the brands that need little introduction. To redefine its collection of three catalogs, each subtly different but with its own unique personality, they carried out a research work of textures, colors and nuances that culminated in a careful selection of different types of paper.

The combination of the three colors chosen for the different collections produce a harmonic effect and ensures that each has its own personality when viewed individually.

The artistic description of Oysho was decisive in the selection of these color schemes, complemented by the use of contemporary layout and typography in accordance with Oysho’s own graphic codes. The result is a collection of printed pieces where the sensation, the photography and the arrangement of the elements create an attractive and intimate universe.

Según Óscar Germade, uno de los diseñadores encargados de realizar el proyecto, “el brief artístico de Oysho fue decisivo en la selección de estos esquemas de color, complementados con el uso de diseño contemporáneo y la tipografía de acuerdo con los propios códigos gráficos de la marca”.

While it is true that in the field of fashion sometimes it is difficult to find differentiating factors – and more when everything is bathed by trends -, from time to time we find products with algp that calls our attention, a code that makes us see the Product as something different. That is the feeling that was sought when creating the new Oysho catalogs.

Sometimes we find that an object has another function. And that’s what happens with these three catalogs for Oysho. Almost without realizing it we observe that the project loses its purely commercial aspect to be placed closer to the editorial work. Solo’s art direction results in a ‘contemporary classic’ that breathes sobriety and elegance, while transmitting clarity and naturalness.