PA House by Olmos Estudio

The project of PA House for the reform of a house of 125 square meters in the Valencian town of Alzira represents an important challenge for the Valencian studio Olmos Estudio.


Designing a whole two-storey house with 104 square meters interior and a courtyard of 21, with a total budget of € 80,000 is an exercise in design and sophistication. For this, it was essential to identify the most costly elements of a project of these characteristics, and act appropriately.


House PA is distributed on the ground floor next to a patio. The small size of the floor means that the kitchen, the guest toilet and the connecting stairs with a high floor are concentrated in a small and medium volume. This volume is treated with a continuous wood paneling.



PA House is a complex design exercise adjusted in numbers, without losing an ounce of elegance and comfort



In this piece equipped part of the slab of the staircase is integrated, treating it as one more element in the composition of the kitchen front. The rest of the completely open plan opens to the patio through a large window.


The first floor includes night stays. The wooden staircase that curls over the house and can be seen from the entrance, disembarking in a small distributor that leads to the bedrooms.


The client demands a space of attic, totally diaphanous and dedicated to the disconnection. It is accessed through a ladder of metal plates and vertical position, integrated into the design of the rest of the plant.


The materiality of the house has a common thread: the microcement pavement is accompanied by oak wood throughout all rooms, being present in unique custom furniture elements. The neutrality of the project gives it a serene and sober appearance, while at the same time timeless.


Photographs by  Diego Opazo.


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