Palazzo Pioda by Inches Geleta Architetti

Palazzo Pioda rises in the district of Campagna, within the topography of Locarno, an area originally agricultural that is growing towards a residential use focused on commercial, service and production activities. The new buildings gain height and at the same time coexist with traditional houses.

The Swiss studio Inches Geleta projects Palazzo Pioda within the limitations that urban regulations require. The volume rises along six levels, with an apartment in each.

Palazzo Pioda is conceived as a mass that is placed on the ground, where everything is structure and skin

Palazzo Pioda defines itself as bone and muscle, that is, as an architectural structure and skin. The structural system of the building is carried out and forms a fundamental part of the composition of the façade. A simple structural diagram, formed by beams and pillars in the form of continuous T, are grouped two by two, and distributed by longitudinal sides of the volumetry. On the ground floor, the structure rests on four points, increasing the feeling of lightness of the building.

The smooth materiality of the concrete of the structure is combined with the roughness of the architectural skin, formed by a fluted metal sheet, in which different openings are hidden.

Already in the interior, the apartments waste space. Palazzo Pioda creates white and pure units, with subtle details that add sophistication to the interiors. Doors from floor to ceiling, windows with all the height of the rooms and the subtle contrast of the edges between walls, make the interiors a refined place.

Photograph by Tonatiuh Ambrosetti and Daniela Droz.