El Palmar, Summer House in Yucatan

el-palmar-house-david-cervera-more-with-less-mag-1Summer House, El Palmar, was designed by David Cervera a young architect. It’s a simple house, that has one bedroom, kitchen, living room and pool adding up to 90 sqm. It’s located in a lot, third-row of the Port of  Chuburna, Yucatán, México. The breeze is present in almost all of the spaces. Materials used for the Summer House are all local, and the hammocks make up space where four people inhabit.  This pool is an elongation of the house, the external courtyard and sidewalks are full of palm trees, from the existing lot. 

el-palmar-house-david-cervera-more-with-less-mag-5Due to the fact that in the lot there were many palm trees that conditioned the position of the house.The orientation of the house was done the opposite to the neighbors.


Local materials were used for the construction of the Summerhouse.

The colorful tiles, pink tones, and palm trees give life to El Palmar,  Summer House. 


Pink toned walls are very characteristic of the Mexican culture. 


Materials used in the summer house are white polished concrete, decorated with tiles and Chukum, a local material extracted from the roots of the palm trees which prevents humidity into the walls. 

el-palmar-house-david-cervera-more-with-less-mag-4Simple geometry corresponds to the pool of the Summer House. 


Last but not least, this is a very simple project, but in its simplicity, the architect was able to create a very coherent house in the place its located and represents somehow Mexican architecture. 

Considering the house is minimal in the program it has, but it serves the function of being a summer house, the proportions and volumetry chosen for the house are very interesting, and the use of materials from the local communities are intriguing, due to the fact that they are unknown to many of us. 

Photography: David Cervera