Paloma Barceló store in Madrid

Paloma-barceló-more-with-less-2The new Paloma Barceló store, work made by the Italian studio MIDE architetti, is located in an emblematic neighborhood of the city of Madrid.
Paloma-barceló-more-with-less-5The project occupies the ground floor of a historic building in the heart of the city where access is made through the street of Claudio Coello. Here you access a hall that is at the same level as the street and leads to a sequence of spaces in succession, through different thematic exhibition systems.
Paloma-barceló-more-with-less-7The entire project intervention for the new Paloma Barceló store is aimed at preserving and improving the morphological characteristics of existing environments through a minimum use of materials and furniture.

The result of the new Paloma Barceló store is an exhibition space with a sophisticated tempera, which generates a great contrast between the gold-colored metal with which part of the exhibition furniture is designed, the rough plaster of the walls and the stone floor covering.

Paloma-barceló-more-with-less-6 The materiality of the pieces that generate the exhibition furniture is a series of sinuous metal sheets of 3 mm thickness. The idea sought by this project is to highlight the product, which is why a neutral fund is proposed, with which the main items are the pieces that are exhibited and sold.Paloma-barceló-more-with-less-4There is also design furniture that acts as an architectural device that articulates a hierarchical system and the internal spaces of the new Paloma Barceló store.
Paloma-barceló-more-with-less-8The shop is composed of a long sequence of spaces in different levels, which generates a succession of spaces where the study of materials and lighting is oriented to the recreation of a place with a homelike atmosphere.


This succession of spaces begins with an illuminated and golden entrance hall, and ends in the darkest part of the project materialized with concrete both walls and floors as the exhibition counters.
Paloma-barceló-more-with-less-1The whole intervention is characterized by the search for details, encounters between materials and an elegant play of lights and materials that make architecture and product in harmony in this place.

Photography: Alessandra Bello