Paperphylia: the paper disorder

These days everyone who has any kind of relation with the design field has an eye on the Furniture Fair of MilanFrom April 4 to 9, Milan is full of stands and exhibitions all around the city, inside pavilions or out on the streets. Elisava School of Design and Engineering from Barcelona is there with the Paperphylia’s project.

This fair is the biggest meeting when it comes to design at an international level, that is why big firms and designers such as Ikea, COS, HAY, Nendo, Miguel Milà … are there each year to display their latest works and projects.

The Milan Furniture Fair is not only at a corporate level, also the most prestigious schools participate in order to showcase the new talent of the future.

Elisava has created the installation “Paperphylia” an excellent ode to the paper, a functional and expressive material. The installation has developed in a multidisciplinary workshop context held by the degree students of the school and guided by an exceptional group of tutors members of Lo Siento studio, Maio studio, Hunch office and under the supervision of the product designer and ahead of Paperphylia project Martín Azúa.

“Paperphylia, experimenting the paper revolution!”

Paperphylia is a project created by enthusiasts. Designers, architects and engineers who believe that paper is a powerful and innovative material.  This team of students and professionals sees paper beyond its shape, weight, and color. For them, paper on its own is an immensity and expressive world apart, paper as a revolutionary material.

After an intensive and speed reach about types of papers: touching, feeling, breaking, smelling, painting and folding… first tests came out.

Paperphylia is not intended as a single project, is a correlation of individual works under the same parameter: experimenting paper from a conceptual approach.

The students have worked in smaller groups depending on their interest to develop projects that have explored areas like the sound, ductility, taste, juxtaposition and psychical conditions of the paper.

In conclusion, this installation will bring Elisava a clear international projection both students and school. Being already in the last few days of the fair, Paperphylia has generated interest, very good critiques and interaction between the public,

From the team of More with Less, we are happy that students also can have an important place in this international fair year after year.