Paral-lel and his collection of wall-hangers for the habitat

The Paral-lel project of the design students of the University of Valencia is exhibited in the Ventura Future room during this edition of Milano Design Week. On this occasion we show you the projects for the habitat that have been developed as hangers.


Dragonfly is a hanger developed by Marina Beneito. Her design arises from a combination of cylinders that fuses with the sphere thanks to a radius rounding in each of its cylinders. The result is a hanger with different support elements to offer the user the possibility of containing different garments.


Peak is a design by Elena Borrás. It is a wall hanger that has two hangers in itself. The lower metal hanger is used for a wide variety of garments, while the upper wooden hanger, whose inclination with the wall is small, can contain larger objects.


Nido is a dynamic and functional design developed by Alberto Chaves. A very versatile design that has a part intended to contain products, and another to hang clothes. The simplicity of its shape allows great adaptability to different environments, where wood and aluminum complement each other, creating a perfect visual harmony.

The students have worked in each phase of their products, taking care of the details and culminating with the manufacture of their prototypes


Omc is a wall hanger developed by Ana Sarrión and Laura San. A design that takes strength through contrasts. On the one hand, the hanger has a piece of wood with curved lines. A very organic piece that contrasts with the straight lines of the black lacquered metal of the clamping piece. The result of these elements generates an attractive piece, which combines functionality with aesthetics. In addition, its simple form makes the combination and repetition of the modules attractive drawings on the wall.


89 is the hanger designed by Eduardo Cámara and Patricia Ibáñez. A piece with high Nordic influences that has been designed looking for beauty through simple and simple forms. Its essence lies in the turning of the grain of wood. Its geometry is complex and therefore the beech wood was chosen, in order to ensure a good adaptability in the piece thanks to its flexibility and hardness.


Keio a family of hangers developed by Marta Alcolea and Sara Ruiz. With this product, the designers want to show the simplicity of the design. The hanger arises from the union of two cylinders, one of them inclined. To give the piece of greater distinction young design students have incorporated a circular garnet colored fabric in the union of both cylinders.

lou-sergio-navarro-josue-saez-Paral-lel-More-With-LessSergio Navarro and Josué Sáez have designed a family of 3 hangers called Lou.A collection based on simplicity and care for small details. Manufactured in oak or walnut wood, the pieces have rods in their lower part, which draw a silhouette from which we get their name, Lou. These hangers have been designed to be part of both contract and residential spaces. Where quality is sought in its formal and material.


Note of Carmen Mullor and Víctor Caballero. A hanger inspired by the folded sheet in the corner of a page that allows us to remember something. In this way Note is born, the person in charge of reminding you to take everything without what you can leave the house. Through the union of sheet metal and natural wood Note appears, a customizable wall hanger that allows to create numerous combinations thanks to the different finishes of its two pieces.

The Paral-lel 4 team has followed do a detailed design process so from the first moment of the project to meet the Customer requirements: the editor Omelette-ed


Shadow is the hanger designed by Rosa Torres and José Monsuri. A product that is characterized by the play of lights and shadows both simulating them by the color tones and the geometry, as well as creating them by the position of the set and its elements.


Eclipse a design by Miriam Burguera and Marianne Langrand. A cylindrical hanger made of beech wood with an embedded metal piece that serves as a stop for objects. With nickel, copper and brass finishes, these pieces add a great aesthetic value as it is a contrast detail, which generates a sensation of delicacy and quality. Seen from the front, the superimposed pieces draw an eclipse.


mö is the collection of hangers developed by María Peña and María José Martínez. It consists of three hangers of proportional diameters, which by means of an easy threaded in the wall allows to create different compositions, being able to adapt to any space. The front metal disc allows you to customize the final finish of the set.